Are you ready for your customers demands?

Are you ready for your customers demands?

Sharee Robertson, SVP Sales

Business Doors are starting to slowly re-open all over the world. We are still not out of the woods yet, and most reports say we are likely to see a long tail end of COVID in our communities. If you haven’t yet thought about keeping your business relevant during COVID-19, now is a good time to start.

Remember, just like you, your customers have been stuck at home facing similar challenges with their businesses or consumer requirements. Going back to basics will help to understand what your customer needs are in the changing climate.

With the introduction of the deadly virus there are now trading restrictions applicable to all businesses, namely operating under contactless methods. You may not be in a position to open your doors fully and sell products and services like you have been accustomed to. So how do you stay relevant and sell your products or services under the pressure of COVID-19?

Adopting a new mindset and understanding how people buy today will help here. Seeking creative ways to market your product or services relevant to consumer behaviors. Make it easy for consumers to do business with you.  How can you sell to me in a COVID-19 landscape?

Let’s consider consumer buying behaviors today. With the deadly pandemic, we have seen new human behaviors emerge that are changing the way in which we do things today. The most prevalent new behavior is the aversion to touching surfaces outside the safety of our home. We won’t touch what we don’t trust.     

Technology has been key here and given consumers a safer way to shop. We know this, as we have seen how shopping online has catapulted into complete overdrive. Mobile apps are allowing us to pay for our shopping online or directly without touching pay machines, and we decide how we wish to receive our goods — either by collection or have them delivered contactless.

As a business, we at inugo have had many discussions about how we best address the current market, and how we can help our customers and consumers have the easiest and safest experience with our products. This has led to us expanding into new avenues of access management, creating a touchless experience not just in parking, but across many access points within a facility. Using a mobile app has enabled consumers to pay for goods, so why not use it to access their goods as well. 

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