Carpark Management

Make your facility the number one choice

We understand that driving parkers to your facility is what matters. With an abundance of choice, how do you make sure you are the first choice? Inugo can help. Parkers can easily find you using our app and will want to come back with the ease of entrance, exit & payment. Have multiple facilities? View all of them and their activity in one place, allowing you to have consistent pricing, groups and operations across them all. Initiate loyalty programs, have real time occupancy, manage bookings, drive new revenue streams — the opportunities are endless with inugo.

Dynamic Pricing

Inugo allows facilities to offer different pricing and services based on their parking profile in the Inugo app.

With Inugo, you can differ your parking rates and access for:

Automate Monthly Contracts

Make your life easier by removing swipe cards and let your monthly parkers enter and book digitally. Inugo automates monthly bookings & renewals, giving you an overview from one easy to use Platform.

Completely Cashless

No more waiting in long lines to pay for parking or having to handle notes and coins — all payments are automatically taken from the credit card associated with the parkers account. The best part? The money goes straight into the operators bank account. Reducing your overheads and increasing your parkers experience.

Know your parkers

Inugo gives you the ability to know who your parker is. Each parker must sign up for an account, giving you insight into a traditionally anonymous sector.

Integrate this with your loyalty programs or use it to start one, offering discounts to frequent parkers across all your facilities.

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