Commercial Real Estate

From office to home, access for everyone

From Body Corporates to Mixed Use zones — high density living and working is becoming more and more common, and managing the differing levels of access and parking can be a hassle.

How do I know who is coming in and out? What are my occupancy rates? Can I change these based on who the parker is?

With a deep understanding of high density residential, commercial parking and retail, Inugo is the expert on how to manage your Commercial Real Estate parking issues.

Group users, change your rates based on time & day and monetise parks in a way not thought possible before — Inugo is your expert parking partner.

Utilisation = Monetisation

By utilising real time occupancy data and the knowledge of who each parker is, shared parking situations can become a reality, sometimes doubling your income for a single space.

Automate Monthly Contracts

Saving you the hassle of following up on every tenant, Inugo automates monthly bookings & renewals, giving you an overview from one easy to use Platform.

Dynamic Pricing

Now CRE operators have the unique ability to identify parkers entering their buildings and offer different pricing and services based on their parking profile on the Inugo app.

Make your parkers experience the best it can be by knowing who they are and what they’re looking for as soon as they arrive.

With Inugo, you can differ your parking rates and access for:

Know your parkers

Inugo gives you the ability to know who your parker is. Each parker must sign up for an account, giving you insight into a traditionally anonymous sector. This increases security, enables loyalty programs and assists with communication like never before.