What you’ll need to get started

What you’ll need to get started

If you have installed the app and received the red messages relating to Bluetooth and Location Services it means these will need to be enabled.


Use the ‘Settings’ button to locate the ‘Bluetooth’ or ‘Location’ menu and then use the slider to turn these features on.


Use the ‘Settings’ menu to locate the Bluetooth icon and use the slider to turn the feature on. Location Services are located under ‘Settings’ and ‘Privacy’ where a slider can be use to turn the feature on.


After downloading the app you’ll need to register with Inugo. The app will require the following details:

• First Name
• Last name
• Email
• Password

During the registration process a Phone number, Registration Plate and Credit Card can also be logged but are not mandatory.

However, entry to some parking facilities will be restricted without these details. If attempting to access a parking facility that requires these details the app will provide a notification and they can be added.

After accepting the terms and conditions you will be ready to use Inugo to find, park and pay.


Parking in your location

Use the map to find nearby parking at your location, or search by address.


Entry access from your phone

To enter or exit, simply drive up to a gate or barrier at an Inugo affiliated site. Open the app and press the button that displays then drive through.


No cash required

If you have parked at a commercial site then Inugo will automatically charge your nominated credit card once you have finished your parking session.

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