Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inugo?

Inugo is a universal parking solution that takes the stress out of parking for both a parker and the parking provider. It allows users to find park and pay from their smartphone and streamlines the parking process for the parking provider. 

For parking providers,  Inugo is a solution that integrates with existing PARCS equipment and allows you to manage transient and monthly parking, reducing admin costs. No paper tickets, proximity cards or access codes.

Where is Inugo available?

Inugo is currently available in California and New Zealand.  We will announce additional markets regularly, so check back again.  We are currently working with parking providers in order to integrate Inugo technology. 

Where can I get more information about Inugo

Browse our website and if you have any further questions about Inugo as either a Parker or Parking Provider feel free to contact us or even book a demo

How does Inugo work?

There are three key components, the Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller, the Inguo Operator Portal and the Inugo App that work together for users and parking providers to deliver great parking experiences. 

The Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller is advanced gate opening technology that allows your smartphone to detects when it is in range of a gate or barrier. Using the Inugo App, it gives the user the ability to start a parking session and open the gate or barrier. To end a parking session the user exits in a similar fashion by opening the gate or barrier via their smartphone. The user’s credit card will automatically be charged for the parking session, and will receive a link to the invoice via an email.

The Inugo app will also show all the parking available nearby to your current location or users can search by address. After finding a place to park, the app can give you directions to the car park from Google Maps or Apple maps. Users are also able to book and manage their monthly leases through the app and change which registration plates the booking is for. 

The cloud-based Inugo Operator portal allows parking providers a simple way to manage their parking, reducing admin time and optimizing parking facilities. Parking providers can manage all their locations, parking rules, payments and access. All payments are linked to the users Inugo account and charges their credit card, making it easier and more secure for both the app user and the operator.

Do I need a Smartphone to use Inugo?

Yes. Inugo requires an iOS or Android smartphone to operate.  We do not support Blackberry or Windows Phone.

Do I need anything else in order to use Inugo?

You will need to have Bluetooth and location services enabled on your phone for the app to work. Additionally, in order to park and pay at certain locations you will need to register a license plate and a credit card. 

Do I need to create an Inugo account before I can park using Inugo?

Yes, you will need to register on the Inugo App before you can access any Inugo car parks

Why do I need to have my smartphone Bluetooth enabled?

The Inugo app uses Bluetooth to talk to the garage gate to tell it to open and close. 

More specifically, the Inugo App, the Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller, and the Inugo Operator Portal are all talking with one another using the Internet and Bluetooth. 

Can I still take and receive calls while the Inugo app is active?

Yes absolutely, the Inugo App will not interfere with other Bluetooth devices

Do I need to enter my credit card details?

Credit card details are only required if Inugo is being used to enter and pay for a carpark. It is not required if Inugo is being used for free or private parking. 

Are my credit card details safe?

Your credit card details are never held by Inugo.  When you enter your credit card number into the app, those details are sent directly to our credit card processor, and we do not keep a copy.  The credit card processor has access to your credit card details, and will charge your card for parking when we ask them to.

Do you support Paypal or Apple Pay?

We do not currently support either of these payment options.

What do I need to use Inugo?

To use Inugo you’ll need the following:

  • iOS or Android capable smartphone
  • Bluetooth and Location Services enabled
  • An Internet connection

Do I need to create an Inugo account before I can park using Inugo?

Yes, you will need to register through the Inugo App before you can access any Inugo affiliated sites.

How do I register?

After installing and opening the Inugo App, you can select the Register/Sign Up button to make an account with Inugo. 

Do I need to enter a vehicle registration plate?

It is not mandatory to enter a vehicle registration plate when signing up, however a plate number will be required for most situations when attempting to park with Inugo. 

Do I need to enter my credit card details?

Credit card details are only required if Inugo is being used to pay for a parking space. It is not required if Inugo is being used for access and free or private parking.

Are my credit card details safe?

Your credit card details are never held by Inugo.  When you enter your credit card number into the app, those details are sent directly to our credit card processor, and we do not keep a copy.  The credit card processor has access to your credit card details, and will charge your card for parking when we ask them to.

Where can you park using Inugo?

You can park at Inugo affiliated sites which will display as a green, orange or blue marker depending on your selected parking filter.  If a site is not Inugo affiliated, the marker will appear grey.

What do the different marker colors mean?

The different colors signify the current car park type being filtered. This is changed via the icons in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. As a default the app will open with ‘Hourly’ parking (green). Select ‘Early Bird’ (blue) or ‘Long-Term’ (orange) to only display car parks that offer these rate types. 

How do I search for a place to park?

You can search for an address via the search bar at the top of the application. This search bar will contain the words ‘Where to?’ and when selected will allow you to enter an address. The search results will display all parking locations nearby to the address entered. 

What details can I see for each Inugo affiliated site?

You will be able to view opening hours, rates and the terms & conditions of the parking facility. Additional information or current offers may be displayed by the site’s operator in the description field.  If monthly parking is available this will be shown by displaying a ‘Book Monthly Parking’ button. 

Does Inugo provide directions to sites?

Yes, if you have found a site you wish to park at simply select the marker and then in the top right hand corner a signpost icon will appear. Selecting this will enable your default map application to show the route from your current location to the parking destination. 

How do I enter and pay?

Parking at a Inugo affiliated site slightly varies depending on if the site charges the user to park. However the concept remains the same, to gain entry to a gated site, use the app to start a session which will open the barrier or gate arm. If there are no barriers or gates then once you have driven into a site’s zone and parked you will be able to start a fixed time  parking session. 

What is a parking session?

A parking session is what allows users to access gated sites and begins the payment process. It also is a method of letting any enforcement know that you have paid to park there. 

If there are no barriers or gates then a session can either be determined by a predefined amount of time, similar to pay-and-display, or can be done by the user start and stopping the session manually. 

Do I need to display a parking ticket in a pay-and-display site?

Not at all, parking in Inugo affiliated sites means the whole process is now ticketless. Once you start a parking session, your registration number is visible to the operator of the site so they know you have a valid parking session in progress. 

If there are no tickets, how do I get parking receipt?

When you end the parking session, Inugo will automatically email a receipt to your registered email. If you lose your receipt or want another copy, sign into the Inugo app, select “Payments” from the menu, locate the parking session and click “Resend Receipt”.

You mentioned a site zone, what is that?

Site zones are geofenced locations placed on a map. When your enter one of these locations the Inugo app will recognise it and display parking options for you. This is commonly used on surface lots where the zone is geographically around the lot and when the parker drives into the zone, parks the car and opens the app they will be prompted to start a session in this location. 

Do you support PayPal or Apple Pay?

We do not currently support either of these payment options.

How do I register a credit card in the app?

If you didn’t register a credit card upon registration, you can select the menu button at the top left hand corner of the app and then select Credit Card. If no card has been added then press the blue icon to add details. After adding the card details, use the save button to confirm and register your payment method.

How do I book monthly parking?

By selecting the orange ‘Long-term’ icon on the main screen you will then be able to filter for Inugo affiliated sites that offer monthly parking . Within the site’s details will be a ‘Book Monthly Parking’ button. Selecting this will allow you to input the date range and choose from one of the available rates. Your registration plate and credit card must be registered in the app in order to book monthly parking.

How am I charged for Inugo monthly parking?

Long-term parking is paid in advance, with the first months payment taken when the long-term parking contract is established. The initial charge will be for the number of days remaining in the current month, and then you will be billed on the first of each subsequent month.  However depending on the offered rate, some providers may require more than one month’s payment to secure the parking space. If this is the case it would be noted in the rate description prior to any payment occurring. 

Can I book long term parking for more than one month?

Usually you can book long term parking for up to a maximum of one year. However, this is heavily dependent on the car park facility and what the operator is offering. Any imposed limits will be displayed when selecting the long term booking rate. 

Can I cancel monthly parking?

Yes, monthly parking can be cancelled through the app. If you open the menu and click on ‘Your Parks’ it will display all current leases and from here you will have the option to cancel. 

Caution: some sites have a cancellation fee, this will be automatically charged to your credit card when lease is cancelled.

My registration plate has changed, do I need to re-book my monthly permit?

No, you can change the associated registration plate by going to ‘Your Parks’ from the menu and then selecting the edit button. You will then have the option to change the registration plate the site is booked against. 

Currently only one number plate can be assigned to one booking. 

How am I charged for Inugo short-term parking sessions?

Short-term parking sessions are charged by the duration that the parking session has been active for against the rates advertised by the car park operator. Inugo will charge your registered credit card at the end of a parking session.

How do I start and end my parking session?

Parking sessions work differently depending if the site has barriers or is an open surface lot where typically a ticket is displayed. 

If the site has gates or barriers

Drive up to the gate or barrier, open the app and tap the green button that appears.  Pressing this button will cause the gate or barrier to open and will begin your parking session. When leaving, repeat the process and open the app when by the gate or barrier. A red button will now appear that once selected will open the gate or barrier and end the parking session. 

If there are no gates or barriers

Car parks which have no gates or barriers are geo-fenced within a location. Enter the surface lot and park. After parking in a suitable location, open the Inugo app and it will detect you are within a geo-fenced location and give you two options to start a parking session; fixed time or unlimited session. Selecting fixed time allows you to select the amount of time you wish to park for and your session will automatically close at the end of the nominated time. The unlimited session method, will only end once the user selects to stop the parking session. There is no expiry on this session and therefore it is very important to ensure the session is ended when leaving the car park. 

What happens if my fixed time sessions runs out?

Similar to a normal pay and display payment method, if you only paid for a fixed amount of time and it expires you are liable to face penalties enforced by the parking operator. However the Inugo app will send you a push notification to advise 15 minutes before expiry and again after the session has expired. Once the session has expired you will also receive the parking receipt via email. 

How can I top up my session?

Open the app and select where it has the time remaining of your session. This is above the red ‘End Parking Session’ band. You can then top up your session by selecting the plus (+) sign which will trigger the app to refresh and start your new ‘Park Until’ time. Select the close button and you have now successful increased your time. 

What happens if I didn’t top my session up in time?

You will have to start your session again in order to continue parking in this spot or you may be liable for the site’s enforcement action. By selecting the site’s marker from the map you will be able to then start a new session via the ‘Start Parking Session’ button. You may have to locate the via the map in order to confirm you are starting a parking session at the correct place 

Re-starting your session is done in the same manner as starting a new session. 

What if I start a session and then find out there was no room?

Most parking facilities will have a grace period which will vary depending on the operator. If you start and stop a parking session during this period you will not be charged for entering and exiting. 

If there are no gates or barriers at the site, it is advisable to only begin your parking session when you have suitably parked your car. 

Can I reserve a parking space using Inugo?

At this time we do not allow booking of short term casual parking.  Instead, we show you all the available parking options (including locations that do not accept Inugo) in your area. By showing you all the options we are not locking you into a particular location, and you do not have to pay in advance.

I’ve forgotten my password, how do I request a new one?

Select the ‘Forgot Password’ button from the login page of the app and enter your email address followed by the ‘Done’ button.  An email will be sent to the nominated address along with a link to reset the password. Follow the link, input a new password and select ‘Set’.

Your password will now have been reset and you will be able to log back into Inugo using your new password. 

How can I report an issue?

Via the menu button, select the ‘Help and Support’ option which can be used to notify Inugo of any issues. However if you are stuck at a barrier or gate it is recommended to contact the operator via the attendant or intercom.

Do I need to enter my registration plate to use Inugo?

Yes, you will need to enter a registration plate in order to start a parking session. A registration plate may not be required if Inugo is being used for private access only. 

What if I’m using a different car today?

You can enter multiple registration plates into the Inugo app. This is done via the menu and selecting ‘Registration Plates’ then ‘Add a Registration Plate’. 

Can I pay for parking even if it’s my friends car?

Absolutely! Simply enter their registration plate number on your list of plates and select it when you start a session using your account. 

What if the rates shown in the app are different as to what is displayed at the Car Park?

The information in the app is the best that we have been provided to us by either the car park operator, or by our data partners.  If the rates posted at the site are different, please email us at [email protected] 

I think I’ve been charged wrong for my parking , who do I contact about it?

You should contact the car park operator.  They will be able to see the parking session dates and assist with your query. 

Do I have to pay if I start a session and exit because I couldn’t find a space suitable for my vehicle?

Most  parking facilities that contain gates or barriers have a short grace period where no charge applies.  This allows you to leave without charge if you are unable to find a suitable space. So long as you exit within the grace period your session would automatically end upon exit via the barrier or gate using the Inugo app. 

On a car park with no gates or barriers it is advisable to only begin your parking session when you have brought the car to a stop in a suitable space. 

Why is there a padlock symbol on the map instead of the price?

The padlock symbol is a visual indicator that it is a private car park and you have access to it. Only users who have been invited to access these car parks will be able to view these on the map overview. 

What should I do if Inugo won’t open the gate/barrier when trying to enter?

Check that the Inugo app is open, and that there is a green button showing on the screen.  If there is not, the location may not accept Inugo, or it may have been temporarily disabled.  Please take a ticket to enter the garage. If there is a green button showing, but the gate does not open when you press it, take a ticket to enter the garage. After parking, please report the error to Inugo and we will follow up with the site operator to ensure that Inugo is working properly.

Why does Inugo displays different options to open gate/barriers instead of the usual green or red Buttons?

If Inugo is being used for access only there is more control for the user to open different gates and barriers depending on the car park configuration. In order to accommodate this, the Inugo app may display a selection of gates or barriers or different lanes which can be opened. These are often named and will be reflective of what is at the car park to help streamline your access. 

Why do I see a blue button when I approach a gate/barrier?

The blue entry button will only be seen by users when they are part of a private access group. Furthermore, depending on the car park’s configuration if there is a singular gate or barrier that controls the entry and exit of the car park the Inugo app will display a blue button to open or close this.

I accidentally closed the app when a Entry/Exit button appeared, can I still enter or exit?

Of course, simple re-open the app and if the button does not appear then an Inugo Logo will display in the top of the page. This small logo will pulsate and selecting it will return you to the the option screen that was previously closed. f multiple options are available you can scroll through these to select the required one. 

Why does it say a credit card may be required to access parking spaces when looking for parking on the app? 

If the car park charges for parking then you will need a registered credit card in order to gain access as opening the barrier or gate will begin your paid parking session. 

I forgot to end my session after I parked in a surface lot! What should I do?

In this situation you will need to contact the parking operator to discuss the charge based on the session time. Being able to advise the operator what time you left the surface lot would assist them in the event of a refund.

I selected a site from the map and it says ‘No Inugo payments or access’.

Inugo will still display all nearby parking locations, however as not all sites are affiliated with Inugo this message will display. If this message displays you can still park there, but you will not be able to access or pay through Inugo and will have to use the facilities current method for access and payment. 

My parking provider said they offer Inugo monthly parking but I can’t book it through the app?

Start by confirming that the ‘Long-Term’ orange filter has been selected in the app and then locate your parking provider on the map. If you are able to locate the car park and the ‘Book Monthly Parking’ button does not appear you will need to get in contact with your parking provider.

How can I see my current monthly parking through the app?

By selecting ‘Your Parks’ from the menu, it will display where you have current monthly parking or private access sites which you have access to. 

Can I register more than one credit card?

No, only one card can be registered at once. If you wish to change the current registered card, you can delete the current one and then register a new payment card under the ‘Credit Card’ option in the menu. 

When registering my credit card details, why does it appear as a VISA/MasterCard?

When filling in credit card details a graphical overlay is used to represent a card, this does not correspond to the actual card provider. 

How do I deactivate my Inugo account?

Please contact [email protected] and request removal of your account.  We may call you to confirm your details, as the person authorized to change the account details.

Where can I get more information about implementing Inugo?

If you are unable to find the relevant information from our website, feel free to send us a message through ‘Contact Us’ page. From there, we’ll get in touch and answer any questions you may have. 

My supplier says that if I install Inugo their warranties are invalidated.  Is this true?

Not usually.  PARCs equipment systems are designed to have external equipment integrated into them.  That is a completely normal function of their operation. For example it is common to integrate LPR systems from 3rd party vendors.  So it is very unlikely that the addition of Inugo will invalidate warranties.  Please contact your Inugo representative and we will work out a solution for you.  Your warranty should not be invalidated.

I offer validation options to the retailers in the building — Can I do this with Inugo?

Inugo offers ‘Tap and Go’ validation beacons in order to allow validated parking to be offered to your customers. More information is available here

What if the rates shown in the app are incorrect?

The information in the app is the best that we have provided to us by either the site operator, or by our data partners.  If the rates posted at the site are different, please email us at [email protected] .

I own a private parking facility, can I hide it from the map view in the app?

Yes, the Inugo Operator Portal allows users to make their sites private or public which will change if these are available for the general public to see or only users who have been invited to park there. 

Will Inugo work in my situation?

Inugo is a very versatile platform that can be used in a multitude of situations. It is best to contact us and explain your current parking solution and we’ll get in touch to explain how Inugo can seamlessly integrate with your current systems. 

Does Inugo cost me?

Depending on your current parking solution Inugo will charge appropriately 

How can I manage monthly parking?

By having your monthly parkers use the Inugo app to book their parking permits, the operator portal becomes a database where all current users, the price they pay and the space they park in can all be managed and reported on. 

How do I enforce parking at my ungated parking facility

If you have enforcement at your parking facility they will be able to use the Inugo app to check registration plates against Inugo users who have in-progress parking sessions or valid monthly permits. 

Can Inugo work with all PARC equipment?

The Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller can be attached to any kind of electrically operated gate, roller door or barrier arm.  The Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller is designed to be integrated into any kind of parking equipment installation.

How does it integrate?

The Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller attaches to an auxiliary input on PARC gates, and whenever Inugo opens the gate, that opening is registered in the PARCs system as an auxiliary opening.  In your PARCs equipment configuration you can assign a specific auxiliary channel to Inugo, and therefore can count every Inugo opening to ensure a complete audit record of openings.

I have a new ANPR system, will this work with Inugo?

Inugo also integrates more deeply with some modern PARCs equipment, including with License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems, parking meters and enforcement systems, online reservations systems and 3rd party sales channels. 

As a building manager, can I use Inugo access control for private residents?

Yes,  you can use Inugo to control access for private residents. This works in a similar fashion to what would operate in a parking facility, however your residents would not pay. 

My surface lot has no barriers, can I use Inugo?

Inugo can still be used in parking facilities which don’t use barrier or gates. In the Inugo Operator Portal you will be able to geofence your parking facility on a map. Having this geofence will allow parkers to identify and pay when they are within the non-gated parking facility. 

Does Inugo operate in my area?

Currently Inugo is operating in California and New Zealand, however Inugo is happy to look at providing solutions outside of these areas.  Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Can I manage my parking facility with Inugo?

Along with the Inugo App and Intelligent Gate Controller (IGC), Inugo also offers an Operator Portal that allows parking providers to manage their locations, parking rules, payment and access. 

Do you offer support if I’m a user of the Inugo Operator Portal?

Yes, if you are managing your site with Inugo we have a team ready to help you, whether that’s through answering your questions, training sessions, guides or videos.