Freeflow — the future of Parking?

Frictionless, IoT, Freeflow… With the development of technology and new solutions being released constantly, there seems to be a new parking term every week! So to make things easy, we’re here to help breakdown some of these terms — starting with Freeflow Parking.

So what is Freeflow parking?

Well as the name suggests this type of solution creates a seamless parking experience, creating a free flow of traffic from street to stall. It requires no effort from the parker, reducing hold ups & traffic inside or outside your facility. This greatly improves the parking experience for your customers as it removes the need to pull a ticket at the gate, wait in line at the pay station, get caught in bad weather or wait in traffic to enter or leave!

Not only does it make your customers happier, but it improves your operations, saving you precious time & money. By implementing a digital solution, you remove the need for ticketing machines, pay machines and manned stations – as well as centralising all your data & settings in one easy to use place.

How does it work?

There are a few ways that freeflow parking can be structured, but it involves a contactless process from entry to exit & payment. Let’s take a look at our freeflow solution at Inugo.

Before parking

As freeflow is contactless, parkers will need to set up an account within the app before parking. However, this is quick & simple, taking 2 minutes start to finish! This is only required once on set up and also provides your parker with their full parking history, directions to & prices at your parking facility.


Our Inugo One camera solution provides the contactless entry needed for freeflow. The advanced optical cameras capture the number plate of the parker on entry while opening that gate and stores it in the system. It also looks for the users account associated with that number plate, and links it to the session. For the parker, it’s as easy as drive up and park!


Exiting under freeflow is the same as entry – the parker will drive up to the exit gate, where the camera will capture the number plate once again while opening the gate. The system will link this gate opening with the entry time and close the session. Once again, your parker has a seamless experience – no pay stations to queue at, no sticking their arm out the window to inset a ticket or pay in lane, just drive up and out!


Once a session has closed, payment is automatically taken from the user’s card details associated with the users account in the app. The best part? Payment goes straight into your account – no holding accounts or cash flow hold ups!

What type of facility can use freeflow?

Here’s the best part – any type! As freeflow captures all the necessary information on exit & entry, the solution can be deployed at open lots, one or multi-laned facilities, campuses, retail, malls, marinas, airports – if you have a dedicated entrance & exit and people can park there, we can help!

If you’re interested in improving your operations & creating the ultimate parking experience for your customers, reach out to us today.