How can we make parking greener?

Changing business practices to be more environmentally friendly is essential in today’s world. With carbon emissions at record highs and the WHO announcing air pollution as the largest environmental risk to human life, the automotive & parking industry is under scrutiny to reduce their footprint and offer clean & green alternatives where they can. Thankfully with advancements in technology, this is becoming both accessible and viable for the parking industry. Traditional PARCS equipment uses a lot of different resources, and doesn’t help get drivers off the road and into your parks any quicker. By utilizing a digital parking solution, you can both minimize your impact and improve your business operations in one go.

Take paper tickets for example — they are notorious for waste. Not only are they a one use item, but most pay & display systems use paper coated in plastic, making them hard to recycle and in some places they end up littering the city. Access cards are no different, and while specific recycling programs do exist for them, most of the time they end up in normal recycling bins where they cannot be recycled. By using a digital system, you can eliminate the need for tickets or access cards — all parkers need is their mobile phone to enter and exit. Not only is this saving the environment & your communities from waste, but saving you money as well. No more buying paper for tickets or expensive access cards when they notoriously get misplaced by parkers — most solutions like inugo offer the app for free to parkers, and only a small monthly fee for the system.

While improving the amount of waste parking facilities produce is great, we cannot forget what happens before a parker even gets there. Studies have found that up to 30% of traffic congestion is the result of drivers searching for a parking spot. This directly increases pollution with additional emissions being released – an estimated increase of 10% to the average vehicle’s CO2 emissions. However if parkers can quickly find a place to park and know it has spaces, they will take it. Most digital solutions have a ‘find a park’ feature, getting vehicles off the roads and into your facilities faster. This applies not just to those who often park in your building, but also those from out of town or other areas who also use the app, capturing parkers and further building your network.

This issue of minimizing the footprint we each create and providing cleaner & greener services is only going to become more important and prevalent in the future. By implementing a digital system now, you are putting yourself at the forefront of change and improving the world in which you live. At Inugo, we are passionate and committed to helping businesses make that change and improve the communities we are in. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you take the step towards a better future.