How has your Health & Safety changed?

Sharee Robertson, SVP Sales

Health & Safety has become top of mind and enforcing higher hygiene standards has become the new normal in everyday life. We find ourselves asking “What can I do differently to ensure my own personal Health & Safety?” With this continual changing of expectations around personal wellbeing, we also must ask ourselves as organizations — what are we doing to ensure the care and safety of our staff and customers?

New Zealand has moved to Level 1, allowing us as a society to now venture out of isolation into a semblance of ‘normal life’.  We have the ability to gather and mingle freely in public places – which has been celebrated and welcomed with open arms, metaphorically and literally.

But are we gathering and mingling like we use to? Yes — in the safety and comfort of our inner circles we certainly are. But outside this circle our behaviors have changed. We are more self-aware of how we interact in social gatherings, taking personal care as a priority particularly in public places. We have control of our own personal safety but who cares for me when in public arenas? This is a great question.

Let’s take a look at our public healthcare sector, specifically hospitals. In hospitals today, restrictions have certainly eased — we now have the freedom to visit our dearest and vulnerable. However, there is still a deeper element of care exercised when visiting, not just for ourselves but for hospital staff and the sick in this environment.

Hospitals are asking us to ensure our own level of personal safety when visiting. Although the 2‑meter social distancing has gone, healthcare sectors are still enforcing today a level of social distancing from each other. Hand sanitizers are still very strong and evident in this environment. For ourselves in our own level of personal care, are still conscious of touching surfaces.

We understand this at Inugo and wish to adapt to how some of our new behaviors are driving us in our own personal Health & Safety. Inugo is here to facilitate these new expectations, helping to minimize the exposure you have to touching public, high use surfaces. Our inexpensive parking solution is windows up, no-touch and cashless, helping you feel safe from entry to payment to exit.

Get in touch to see how we can help improve the Health & Safety of your parkers today.