Inugo breaks the sound barrier

Life is not getting any slower, and neither are we!

“Queue anxiety is a common problem with parking solutions,” says Inugo’s Ben Martel. “We all know the fear of a ticket machine, not reading the ticket properly or not being able to reach the card slot from the car. Where does the fear come from? That we are holding up others that are behind us – we want to get in and out of a carpark as fast as possible.  At Inugo, we are actively working towards removing this fear for parkers.”

Not content with producing the world’s most robust Bluetooth parking access control solution, Inugo’s team of technical specialists have been working exceptionally hard to make the Bluetooth interaction with barrier arms even faster, without compromising security or integrity.

Our latest Gate Controller system software update has cut the time between a request – pushing the button within the app — and the actual barrier lifting by a whopping 50%. 

Inugo’s partners using our Software Development Kit (SDK) will get to enjoy this latest innovation immediately, with no change in hardware or app software required. 

Automatic, over-the-air updates to existing Gate Controllers has already begun. All deployed Gate Controllers will update over the next two weeks.

Buckle up, hold on and look forward to getting a little bit of your life back every time you park with Inugo.