Inugo makes breakthrough in low cost License Plate Recognition enhanced with advanced Bluetooth Technology

Inugo, the premier provider of contactless access control, today announces their development of License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. This is the first stage of a new Research & Development plan for inugo, combining the best of New Zealand technology with market leading partners in the US.

“A question we often get asked with our current Bluetooth product is what to do if there’s an issue and it doesn’t work,” says Ben Martel, CEO. “We are thankful we haven’t had to deal with that scenario, but why wait until we do? By developing a highly intelligent yet low-cost LPR system and combining it with our industry leading Bluetooth Gate Controller, we can offer the most reliable and trustworthy contactless parking solutions on the market today.”

“The cost of LPR parking solutions is traditionally high with the optical systems used in LP recognition driving this” says Martel.  “We have joined forces with a leading camera solutions partner, who has made significant breakthroughs in this space, aiding our goal of bringing a dual Bluetooth-LPR solution to market for under USD$1,000 per lane.”.

LPR is an image-processing technology used to identify vehicles by their license plates. The system takes an image of the front or rear number plate via infrared camera and uses image processing software to analyze the images and identify the number plate. A major downside of LPR being stand alone is not offering the parker with an alternative if it fails, potentially trapping them in the parking facility. By combining LPR with our Bluetooth Gate Controller & mobile app in a world first solution, the parker is receiving the benefits of each solution, ensuring them the best parking experience on the market.

The solution can easily co-exist with existing parking technology and offers a contactless and windows up alternative to traditional solutions. Inugo’s LPR solution will seamlessly work with all existing Inugo products, integrating with the Inugo Intelligent Gate Controller for contactless access and the mobile app for cashless payment. The solution will also enhance current integrations & partners. 

Development of the solution is well advanced, with release to market planned for Q4 2020.