Make sure your University is Top of Class

Universities are a place of learning, looking to the future and making plans to create change. They are often on the forefront of discovery and technology, using the most advanced tools to continue to advance their fields. It only makes sense then that universities should be utilizing the latest in digital tech across campus facilities, and not just in lectures.

Parking is no exception to this rule. Digital parking solutions are increasingly improving and advancing, making the lives of both facility managers and parkers easier. From reducing overheads to increasing security, below are 6 key reasons why universities should be using a digital parking solution.

Know your parker

Traditionally parking is an anonymous industry — parkers take a ticket, pay and leave. Implementing a digital system with an app parkers must register with allows you to understand and know who your parkers are. This has extremely wide ranging benefits, from being able to group users for differing rates (staff vs students), communicate with your parkers with any changes that may affect them or to build loyalty programs. This also aids campus security, as you know who is on site and when — and who shouldn’t be.

Price for your needs

Most universities have 3 major groups of parkers — staff, students and the public. Unfortunately with traditional PARCS systems, it’s a one rate for all deal, unless you get into the expensive hassle of swipe cards. With a digital system, customization of rates and groups has never been simpler. inugo offers customization of your rates based on user group, time of day, day of the week — or a combination of all 3! All prices can also be updated and activated in real time, meaning no more waiting for the equipment to be reprogrammed or signs reprinted. You can also earn an extra revenue stream by ‘renting’ the parks out for events, changing the price to suit and back again for class in the morning.

Direct payment to you

An issue with traditional parking systems is the hassle and delay in getting revenue. Someone has to visit the pay stations once a week, collect all the cash, deposit and track — delaying payment by up to 2 weeks. With a digital system like Inugo, all payments are taken directly from the parkers credit card on their account, and directly deposited to the university — the same day. No more hassle of collecting the cash or waiting for it to come through.

Save your budget

Universities can be stretched for resources and budget, with every department challenged to provide the best experience it can to it’s students. That’s why with many digital parking systems like inugo, CAPEX is slim to none. A small monthly fee is charged instead, fitting into your OPEX plan — while saving you upfront costs automatically. Tickets & swipe cards are no longer needed, no-one is needed to collect cash onsite, adjusting prices for demand — overheads are shrunk and revenues increased from day 1.

Encompass all your parks, no matter how big or small

Do you have parks not behind gates that are often taken by people who shouldn’t be there? Or want to charge for them, but don’t have the budget for a whole new PARCS system? A digital parking solution can help. Inugo also caters for open parking lots, using geofencing to select the area and set rates — just as you would in a gated lot. Parkers just drive into the ‘open’ spaces, and the app recognises they are in a paid parking area. They select their length of stay and enter their licence plate — and they’re done! Both the geofencing and Gate Controller methods of access control are extremely scalable, being able to monitor 1 or 10,000.

Seamlessly integrates

No need to replace your systems to implement a new parking one — most digital parking solutions will seamlessly integrate with all your existing ones. This includes student and staff databases, enforcement systems, payment facilities etc. inugo also offers an SDK solution, so if your university already has their own app, you can integrate the parking feature into it — keeping your brand and increasing adoption of the solution.

For more information on how inugo can help your campus, get in touch with us at [email protected]