Opening the gates to the seas

Marinas have many access points to content with — from people parking on site to accessing their pier to using facilities. Control over who can go where is key for security and accountability.

inugo has created an access control system that not only makes the operators life easier, but those visiting the marina too.

Peace of Mind

With inugo, each person wanting access must register within the app/be invited to the site. Because of this, know who is visiting your Marina and when, increasing security and peace of mind.

Remote Control

Hands are full coming up to the pier ramp and can’t grab your access card? Or don’t want to run all the way from your boat down the pier to let guests through the gate? inugo lets you open the gate from your phone at a distance, meaning you can focus on the important things.


All access, one system

Control all aspects of your access in one system. Each user can have their site, facility and parking access customised in the one place, and use the same app and credentials for it all.

Make access cards a thing of the past

Marina members constantly losing expensive access cards? Make this issue disappear with inugo — all access is controlled from the touch of a button within a free to download app. Saving you overheads and hassle.