Get drivers out of their cars
and into your shops faster

Shopping malls and retail centers often handle a large volume of parkers, with peak shopping times and validation being a big part of retail parking management.

inugo’s parking management system makes retail parking fast and easy, both for the customer and the parking operator.

We’ve created a solution that is completely universal and works with any existing retail parking system — be it a multi-story parking garage, a parking lot or on street parking spaces.

With peak & off-peak pricing as well as validation with the tap of a phone, inugo understands retail and is here to help.

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Make paper tickets a thing of the past

Remove the hassle of paper tickets and cash. Parkers can access mall parking with the push of a button on their phones, eliminating the overhead & environmental cost that comes with paper tickets.

Putting money directly into your account

Parkers are charged directly through their credit card linked to their inugo account, removing the hassle of handling cash & maintenance of pay machines. The best part? The money goes straight into your account, removing cash flow delays.

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Dynamic Pricing

Be able to change your pricing in real time based on demands, time of day or day of the week.

Create peak & off peak pricing as well as early bird or weekend specials.

Differ your rates based on staff, shoppers or those part of a loyalty program.

Loyalty Programs

inugo gives you the ability to know who your parker is. Each parker must sign up for an account, giving you insight into a traditionally anonymous sector.

Integrate this with your loyalty programs or use it to start one, offering discounts to high spenders and sending communication to encourage them to visit.



inugo’s Tap Validation lets shoppers easily validate their parking at your chosen receptions and information desks, by simply tapping their phone to the beacon — making parking validation easier and faster than ever before.