Software Development Kit

At Inugo, we have created a unique, Bluetooth based, access control script - and we want to share it with you. By embedding our SDK into your app & combining it with our advanced Gate Controller, you too can utilize the future of access control and parking.

Our SDK comes with:

Advanced Gate Controller Technology

• Provides rapid, windows up access to facilities — Communication achieved via Bluetooth with cellular & input/output backup options — PARCS agnostic

• Available in several form factors allowing for flexible installation

• Low cost solution

Mobile Code

• Opens gate via Bluetooth with the push of a button

• Code can be embedded into Android or iOS

• Removes the use for swipe cards/tickets

• Data feeds through to your systems and is easily integrated

Keep your brand

Don’t lose all the money you have spent on marketing and branding - by using the SDK you get to keep your brand and your customers.

save development time

Don’t spend a fortune developing software that is already tested and proven - by using an existing SDK you can spend your R&D time on non-existing future developments.

full support

The Inugo development team is available to help with SDK implementations at your choice of involvement level - right through to inugo doing it for you.