To <span class="caps">SDK</span> or not to <span class="caps">SDK</span>, that is the question

To SDK or not to SDK, that is the question

The tech world is full of TLA’s – three letter acronyms — and one of them is SDK. SDK stands for Software Development Kit – but what the heck is that?

With the complexity of mobile apps and the demands for them to change rapidly growing, tech companies and developers are increasingly looking for ways to not have to reinvent the wheel. In the programming world it is very common that something you are trying to implement has already been created by someone else, and they are often prepared to share their efforts with others. Their work is shared by creating something called a Software Development Kit (SDK) or library. Below are 3 key reasons why SDK’s are a great option.

Save Development Time

One of the biggest reasons why an SDK is desirable is the time saved in development. While building specific functionality can often take months, SDK implementation can cut that down to weeks — a typical inugo SDK integration is 2 weeks from start to production ready. The developer of the SDK is also here to help you, and your dev team might pick up some key learnings to create new and better features not thought of previously!

Keep your brand

Consumers like one place to do everything they need to. Swapping between multiple apps and brands adds complexity into their experience, often causing frustration with different layouts and workflows, and can devalue the brand during the experience. This can also be frustrating when a company has already invested large amounts into marketing, only to have a new brand introduced. By using an SDK, you get to keep your brand, your processes and your relationships — you are simply enhancing the consumers experience by having everything they need in one place. 

Build new partnerships

Partnerships & integrations are key in business today. By working with like minded businesses you can often achieve more than you could alone. By partnering with companies via their SDK’s, you are expanding your networks and technology — a mutual win for all. These partnerships often mean you are the first to hear about their new technology and opportunities — and first to be able to use them!

At inugo, we have embraced the idea of an SDK. We were being asked by many of our partners to be able to integrate our unique Bluetooth based access control technology into their existing apps. Most of these are companies that have an existing mobile application that is used by millions of people on a day to day basis. They have made large investments into marketing and development already – certainly something that you would not want to throw away. By incorporating our expertise and tech in the form of an SDK they get to keep their brand, processes and relationships but add something new and appealing into their app. And they get to do it in the shortest possible time!

So to SDK or not to SDK — that’s up to you. But we vote yes!

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