Get a stress-free solution for all your university parking needs

University parking is often complicated, with staff, students and the public using parking spaces. This is common across university campuses and they often struggle to find a parking system that addresses all their needs.

What if there was a seamless way to manage your university parking and make it easier and faster for academic staff, students and public parkers?

Inugo’s cloud-based end to end parking systems integrates with your existing PARCS equipment, whether it be gated lots, or ungated parking locations.

For parkers, whether they be staff, students or public, the Inugo system lets them easily access and pay for parking from their phone.

Manage everything from a single platform

The Inugo Customer Management Platform brings all your university parking management together. In a simple to use portal, campus parking managers can set up their:

– Parking locations across the entire university
– Pricing and offer different rates between faculty, students and public
– Parking rules and hours for off-peak and holidays Using the Operator

Portal, you can tailor your pricing to operating hours, off-peak, semester breaks and weekends to make the most out of your parking facilities.

Make parking permits easy

Eliminate the hassle and admin that often comes with parking permits and paper tickets.

Students and staff can purchase permits and pay for daily parking straight from the Inugo app. The Inugo Wallet lets students and staff purchase packages of daily parking in a single transaction.

Because the app identifies parkers when they arrive, university parking operators are now able to differentiate parking based on their parking profile. That means students and staff can get their own discounted parking rates, while the public pay the usual rate — all while using the same app.

Increasing safety

We understand that providing safe and secure parking facilities for staff, students and the public is always important to universities.

Whether it’s the middle of the day or late in the evening, Inugo lets parkers safely come and go, without having to wander around the parking lot, or queue at payment machines.

From the Customer Management Portal, university parking managers are able to securely monitor and manage access, and know who is using the parking facilities at all times.

With easy, secure access and a ticketless payment solution, you can make sure your parking facilities are safer for everyone.