When no growth is a good thing

Abbi Faulkner, Marketing Manager

Humans like growth. We like to grow our knowledge, grow our social circles — and on a practical level we like to grow plants! When growing a garden, I get excited about all the different varieties, expanding each area to include new types of vegetables or flowers, always thinking about what I can do next to grow my oasis. However, this can be a trap as you stop paying attention to those plants that have been there for a while and going along ‘fine’. You may not notice the spaces where older plants have died and now there is nothing, or that their growth is stunted and you are not sure why. Re-examining an area that is under-utilized or underperforming can bring about opportunities more beneficial than you expect.

This same idea can be applied to parking spaces. The population is growing and spaces within cities are more in demand than ever, with developers looking to build new buildings and expand urban centers all the time. However, in places such as high-rise condos or mixed-use zones, some parking spaces sit empty all day while tenants are at work. What if there was a way to re-examine their use, maximize their utilization and have them occupied all day long?

With a digital parking system such as inugo, there is. By having a real time view of occupancy, you can easily analyze how many spaces you have empty during the day and work out a shared use parking situation. 

Say a tenant leaves at 8am and arrives home at 6pm each day, paying $400 a month for the park, no matter if they are in it or not. Instead, you could give the tenant a discount down to $250 — as long as they agree to not park in the building between 8am and 6pm. You can then rent this space out to a local worker for $250 a month, as long as they arrive after 8am and depart before 6pm. The tenant is happy with a discount and no change to their routine, the worker is happy to have a secured park and you are $100 better off each month. Since Inugo’s Gate Controller is opened by a mobile application, there are zero extra overheads to have the secondary parker added. They just have to download the app and register, while you grant them permission into the building – and done!

Another area that is often under-utilized is visitors/shared spaces. These spaces usually provide free parking for short stay visitors in an area but are often used for the wrong reasons — such as people avoiding paying for longer terms, frustrating actual visitors. Instead, why not place them under a booking system? In Inugo, you can list a number of parks as Bookable. Parkers can go into the app and reserve a space, how long they wish to be there and pre-pay (if applicable) to guarantee a spot. This can be used on a day to day basis, or for events in the area. And since the Customer Management Platform is cloud based and real time, you can dynamically change the price of these parks based on demand – free for visitors during the day but chargeable for events at night. Since you have a view of the bookings and who has made them, identifying who shouldn’t be there is also easy, and action can be taken quickly.

So while we all look to grow and expand as much as we can, it can be meaningful to take a step back sometimes to evaluate what you already have. In gardening, a small change to soil or re-planting in the gaps leads to higher quality produce and a bigger harvest. In parking, a small change in space utilization leads to a higher quality customer experience and bigger returns for you.