Frictionless parking technology:
Inugo for parking providers

Inugo frictionless parking technology can help you increase revenues and reduce costs. Let parkers access and pay from their phones and get an efficient and painless way to monitor and control your parking.

Benefits for parking providers

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing parking systems and PARCS equipment
  • Ticketless and cashless, reduces revenue leakage with secure payment
  • Cut down admin time and manage all your parking from a single platform
  • Frictionless access and management of monthly permits

Find parking in an instant:
Inugo for parkers

The Inugo parking app lets you find, access and pay for parking from your phone. With our easy-to-use parking app, take the stress out of parking and get to where you want to be faster.

Benefits for parkers

  • Unlock thousands of available parking spaces
  • Ticketless and cashless, easily pay from your phone
  • No more queues at pay stations
  • Open parking gates from the app

Speed up your parking access control system

For residents buildings and staff offices, universities, airports, hospitals, malls, Inugo gives you a smarter, faster and more cost-effective solution for all your parking access control. Let staff, residents, students, patients, visitors and contractors open gates from their smartphones, and lower your operational costs.

Parking Access Control Features

Easy, fast & secure

  • Open any parking gate from your smartphone
  • Quick and cost effective to install
  • No proximity cards, paper tickets or access codes
  • Cloud based portal for easy admin
  • Automated monthly permits

Smart city movement towards shared parking

Inugo is on a mission to make parking stress-free and improve the cities we live in. With our innovative parking app and shared parking solution, we’re changing the way the world thinks about parking and embracing the smart cities movement.