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Park with Inugo

Inugo is an App that helps you find Early Bird parking wherever you need to go, so you can compare car parking costs and location in a single view.

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Finding the best carpark & price is easy with inugo


Inugo will take the headache out of finding a car park. Know upfront where there is car parking close to where you’re going, and what they charge per hour. Putting you in the driver’s seat in deciding where to park!

Inugo allows one to navigate different parking rates and locations from the get-go. Saves me the anxiety of having to roam around the crazy streets of Auckland. 

Yoson An

I can now see majority of early bird parking rates in CBD! Saves me from the hassle of looking for cheaper rates in city. Inugo is a fantastic app.

Ashwin Winchester

Inugo has taken the hassle away from booking monthly parking. It’s guaranteed parking and by far cost less…

Callum Alexander

Love using this app helped me find parking very easily

Shivan Gathum Patel
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With heaps of parking sites listed, it’s easy to locate a parking site near your location. Choose a parking site and Inugo will take you there.

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Inugo’s smart gate connector turns any gate or barrier into a ‘smart gate’.  Drivers use the Inugo app on their mobile phone to open the gate to enter and leave the parking location.

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Inugo automatically charges the drivers’ credit card for parking as they use it, no payment needs to be processed in advance.