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    Inugo announces new Early Bird Parking Finder for Auckland

    The Inugo App shows all the Early Bird parking in a city on a beautiful and easy to use map, allowing you to compare pricing and location easily in a single view.

    the early bird catches the worm

Find a park

Find a park before you leave home.  With millions of parking sites listed, it’s easy to locate a parking site near your location. Choose a parking site and Inugo will take you there.


Every year drivers spend millions of miles and thousands of hours looking for parking, and in many cases they give up or don’t make the trip.  Inugo takes the fear out of parking, and allows drivers to find your carpark.

Ticketless Parking

Inugo allows you to park without a ticket.  Inugo’s patent pending technology will open the carpark barrier, or start a virtual pay and display session for you.  No ticket required.


Carpark operators tell us that paper tickets account for 80% of customer service costs, and a significant part of customer dissatisfaction.  Inugo makes parking ticketless and cashless.  

Exit and Pay

As you leave, Inugo will open the exit gate and end your parking session.  Payment is made automatically via your credit card and a tax receipt is sent to your email address.


By removing tickets and cash from the customer experience, customer satisfaction increases and customer service costs decrease.

Ticketless and Cashless

Locate nearby parking sites

Sort by distance, price and availability.

Entry and exit

Opening entry gates and start a virtual pay and display session at the tap of a button.

Pay for parking

No meters to feed or tickets to pull. Pay for your parking with Inugo.

Session information

Check your current parking session and see time and price information anytime.

Long-term parking

Search for long-term parking sites and make a booking with no paperwork.


Go directly to your car and leave.  No need to find a pay machine.

"Inugo has taken the hassle away from booking monthly parking. It's guaranteed parking and costs less."
Danielle PriestSatisfied Customer
"While on business, Inugo makes parking effortless when I don't know the area. "
Richard BlanchardSatisfied Customer
"Inugo takes care of my parking payments and I haven't queued at the pay machine since. "
Justin MontgomerySatisfied Customer

Parking Made Easy

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