The Inugo solution allows you to digitally control access to car parks, pier gates, ablution blocks, boat ramps or any controlled area through the Inugo app without the need for fobs, access cards or PIN numbers. Digitally monetise areas such as boat ramps and car parks without handling cash or cards.

Control who is in your marina

Whether its a berth holder, contractor, visitor or staff member, you can control who is allowed in your marina and in what areas, all from the comfort of your office or any internet connected device. The Inugo management portal allows you to set up access groups and have a real-time view of who is accessing your marina. Each user can have their site, facility and parking access customised in the one place, and use the same app and credentials for it all.


Remote Control

Hands are full coming up to the pier ramp and can’t grab your access card? Or don’t want to run all the way from your boat down the pier to let guests through the gate? Inugo lets you open the gate from your phone at a distance, meaning you can focus on the important things.


Touchless car park access

Using Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) you can give your berth holders, staff, visitors and contractors free-flow access to car parks. Access is managed from the Inugo management portal, and users can self-manage their number plates within the Inugo app.