About US.

We’re not a parking company – we're a technology company that understands the unique needs of the parking industry.

Inugo gives you a birds eye view of your parking operation in real-time. Either in one site, or across a whole city or country.

We future-proof your technology so you’re in charge at every moment moving forward, providing a best-in-class experience for you and your customers.

We believe that data is the future, and we're here to help you harness it with digital solutions, tailored integrations, partnership, and a consultative approach.


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Business Intelligence
Inugo gives you instant access to all your site, revenue and customer data. This enables fast, data-driven decisions to increase revenue, reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and increase your bottom line.
Parking technology experts
We have deep experience in the parking technology space, a committed investment focus on RnD, and we're constantly innovating to bring you the future of parking technology today.
Know your parkers
With Inugo, you own your customer data. This enables you to create targeted marketing or loyalty programmes to grow repeat revenue. Building your brand and your customer loyalty.
Improve your operational performance with process automation and consolidated technology with no capex or maintenance.
No business interruption
The Inugo solution works alongside your existing hardware and technology, so our technology can be implemented in phases that won't interrupt your business.

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