Commercial Real Estate

Inugo enables parking operators, body corporates and commercial property managers to centrally manage parking and access, provide a seamless experience for tenants and provide comprehensive reporting to asset owners.

automate monthly contracts

Saving you the hassle of following up on every tenant, Inugo automates monthly bookings and renewals, giving you an overview from the easy to use Management Platform.


monetise park spaces when not in use

Allow your tenants, staff or monthly parkers to sublet days of their regular booking to daily parkers from within the app, utilising and monetising parks when available.


Dynamic Pricing

Now CRE operators have the unique ability to identify parkers entering their buildings and offer different pricing and services based on their parking profile on the Inugo app.

Make your parkers experience the best it can be by knowing who they are and what they’re looking for as soon as they arrive.

With Inugo, you can differ your parking rates and access for:


utilise lpr camera technology

Inugo's licence plate recognition (LPR) camera gives your tenants contactless access to parking lots, removing the administration and security risks of access cards and fobs. Access rights can be managed within the Management Platform and users are able to self-manage their plates in the app.