Pay By App

Inugo’s cashless digital Pay by App feature is ideal for both un-gated and gated sites and removes the need for costly payment kiosks.

Our Pay by App feature geo-fences your lots so the app can recognise which lot your parker is in. Rates, hours, access levels and groups can be self-managed within the Management Platform and can be updated and synced across all users in real time.

Know your parker

Remove the anonymous parker and understand who your customers are so you can build loyalty and repeat business.

Cashless payments

Remove the need for costly payment kiosks and the risk of revenue leakage - all payments are processed within your white labelled app and paid directly into your merchant account.

Real-time rate and access updates

Maximise the revenue from your lot with dynamic pricing and access management that can be updated across all sites and users in real-time.


the app will show you all nearby lots

your parker selects what type of parking they want

parker sets how long they want to park and slides to start the parking session

the parker can end their session or get a reminder when their time is almost up and their credit/debit card is charged

Parker scans qr code then enters their plate and selects their duration

Parker enters their email if they want a receipt sent to them

Payment is taken from the Parker's credit/debit card, apple pay or google pay


Contactless Payments.

Hourly, daily and monthly bookings.

Credit/Debit card, Apple and Google Pay within app.

Dynamic pricing.

Supports gated and ungated sites.

Instant access to and ownership of your customer data.

Payments direct to your merchant account.


Customised with your brand.

Supports Pay-by-plate and plate claiming.

Outdoor rated.

Remotely managed.

Cellular or fixed internet access.

Integrated EMV card reader.


Contactless payments.

Supports gated and ungated sites.

Occupancy monitoring and fixed enforcement.

Over the air instant updates.

Solution features.

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Supports gates and ungated facilities
Settlement directly into your merchant account
Self-service access and group management
Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple and Google Pay supported
Real time occupancy
Dynamic pricing
Payments taken within the app
Hourly, daily and monthly bookings
Multi-site capability
LPR integration
Full back end solution included


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