Residential Complexes

Enhance your residents' experience, reduce your administration cost, and mitigate security risks by digitising and centralising parking and access management between facility managers, body corporates and residents through Inugo's digital residential complex solution.

Low admin, real-time free flow vehicle access

Reduce access administration and security risks with Inugo's smart LPR cameras. Give residents, visitors and maintenance teams instant access in the Inugo cloud based platform - no PIN numbers or access cards required.

  • Set up permitted users with free-flow access i.e. residents, visitors, contractors
  • LPR cameras provide instant access to permitted users' vehicles, and collect real-time usage data for occupancy and site activity analysis
  • Bluetooth controllers can be installed for app-based access, giving a low-cost fall-back option in the event a plate cannot be read.

Digital app-based access for controlled areas

Recover time, administration costs and mitigate the security risks of lost fobs/RFIDs by managing access to any controlled area (such as doors, car parks, electrical/key boxes, bike cages, gates) with Bluetooth through the Inugo white labelled app.

  • No PIN number to remember or access cards to carry
  • Permitted users can grant access from the app to their visitors/contractors without having to meet their guests at the door, gate, or car park.

White labelled app

Enable self-service access and user-managed plates, reduce your administration time and give your residents the ultimate experience with the Inugo app branded your way.

  • Frictionless user experience
  • Self-service access and user-managed plates
  • Supports pedestrian access (doors, gates etc) when a user is within an area
  • "Pizza guy" feature - open doors/gates remotely, replacing an intercom system
  • Customisations available such as one-way resident notifications, or integrated parking and access features into a single facility management app

Example access solution scenarios

Using a combination of our advanced Bluetooth gate controllers and LPR cameras, the Inugo solution can be utilised in many areas of residential complexes, for vehicle, bicycle, cart and pedestrian access.