RV Parks

The Inugo access management solution allows you to manage access for your RV park in real time from any internet connected device.

All access, one system

Control all aspects of access in one place, such as entry gates, ablution blocks and dump stations from one place. Each user can have their site and facility access customised in the one place, and use the same app and credentials for it all.


No more access cards or PIN numbers

Remove the security risk and administration of access cards and PIN codes - all access is controlled from the touch of a button within a free to download app, saving you the overheads and hassle.


Digitally monetise your park facilities

Using our scan to pay feature, you can digitally accept payments from your guests using facilities such as payments for non-reservation short stays, food facilities, car parks, ablution blocks, laundry facilities and dump stations. Payments are cashless and credited directly to your nominated bank account.


Utilise smart access technology

Inugo's licence plate recognition (LPR) camera and Bluetooth gate controllers gives your guests contactless access to camp grounds and vehicle access controlled sites, removing the administration and security risks of access cards and fobs. Access rights can be managed within the Management Platform and users are able to self-manage their plates in the app.