We started Inugo for one simple reason: to take the stress out of parking

With substantial financial backing from a private investor, a team of parking professionals set to deliver a universal parking solution.

With a knack for problem-solving and some innovative thinking, the Inugo team has been developing and refining our parking solutions for parkers and parking providers.

To most people, parking is seen as a thing of stress. From the time wasted driving around searching for a park, to the hassle of paying.

We decided that shouldn’t be the case.

Parking shouldn’t have to be stressful, not for the person using the park, and not for the person operating it. 

The issues we face in today’s world call for out-of-the-box thinking

To us, solving the issues around parking goes beyond just finding a park. It’s about solving everyday challenges that people and cities are facing with innovative thinking.

Modern cities face real challenges of congestion, limited space and environmental impacts. With Inugo, we want to solve these issues head on by rethinking the way the world sees parking.”

- Sam Barclay, CEO


Let’s improve the efficiency of existing infrastructure

By utilizing existing spaces all around cities, and making it easier and quicker for drivers to find parks, we’re aiming to cut out congestion and the environmental impact.

We’re proud to call Inugo a universal solution: meaning it’s solving the challenges that parkers face while meeting the needs of parking providers. That’s why we’ve designed our system to seamlessly integrate with existing parking equipment.

With Inugo, we’re making parking better for the parkers, the providers, the cities and the environment.