Pay By App

Inugo has you covered from entry to payment to exit.

By combining the latest in Bluetooth technologies with exceptional apps and back end management software, Inugo makes parking & access management easier than ever before.

Know Your Parker

Inugo removes the anonymous parker and helps you to understand who your customers are — helping build loyalty and repeat business.

open revenue streams

Turn unused parks into cash and drive parkers to fill your empty spaces, time share allocated parks, charge or validate visitors — new revenue opens up with inugo


Provide access to your facility in the safest possible way. No more touching unknown surfaces, parkers only need their phone for access and payment.

Customer Management Portal

Our advanced Customer Management Portal enables operators to manage their facilities like never before. It becomes your source of truth, compiling information from all your facilities into one place, whether they be gated or open lot. Managing and understanding your users becomes a breeze, with specific groupings and behaviour reporting. From dynamic rates to real time occupancy, the features within the Portal allow you to optimise your operations and introduce new revenue streams — in the easiest way possible.

Mobile App

No more tickets, no more cash – the Inugo Mobile App makes the parkers experience seamless. Not only can parkers open gates with the app, but make bookings or use open lots, covering all parking situations. Payment is automatically deducted from their debit/credit card linked to the account once parking is finished and given straight to you – no cash flow hold ups. Inugo also drives more business to your facility, as users can easily see on an interactive map who has spaces to fill close to them.

Intelligent Gate Controller

Utilizing the latest in Bluetooth Technology, our Gate Controllers are at the forefront of access management. inugo controllers provide rapid, no-touch windows up access to parking facilities. There is no need to go through a laborious replacement process – Inugo seamlessly co-exists with your existing PARCS equipment, providing another option for your parkers. With no internet connection required, it is the ideal solution for often underground & limited signal parking facilities. Automatic over the air updates to it’s Operating System make new features and upgrades instantly available – saving you precious time.

Including all the exceptional features Inugo is known for


Provide your parkers with a completely contactless and windows up experience, with users payment being automatically taken from their nominated credit/debit card. Give your parkers & staff the safest access experience with Inugo.


Tickets & access cards can be costly and a constant hassle. Remove stress and increase your bank account by removing both and using Inugo.

pay by app

Removing the hassle of cash & collection, parkers pay automatically via credit/debit card details in the app. The best part? The money goes straight into your account.

parcs agnostic

All Inugo hardware is PARCS agnostic, cohabiting with existing PARCS gear via a simple interconnect for power, gate control and loop recognition.


Manage all aspects of bookings from the portal — from spaces to rates to adding ‘long term’ users.

space management

List your spaces and categorise them, no matter public, private or somewhere in between — enabling real time occupancy management.

dynamic pricing

Have different rates for parkers, staff and loyalty members? Inugo has you covered with dynamic pricing — you can differ rates by parking profile, day or time.

users & groups

Every parker has an individual login, enabling you to know your parker. Categorise parkers into groups for special rates & access.

Multi Site Management

List & manage all your sites in one place, applying groups & rates across them all.

Revenue Management

View your cashflow in real time, tracking income, fees, unpaid sessions, refunds and more.


Perfect for retail or special events, let your parkers validate their sessions — whether a percentage, dollar amount or completely free.


See every parking session in detail from entry to payment to exit, allowing for accurate reporting and analysis of your operations.