White Labelled App

Get a parking app without compromising your brand.

We understand that having your brand in front of your customers is crucial — but it can be an expensive exercise to build your own parking app & solution. Inugo changes that.

Building Your App

Inugo will build you an app to your branding specifications, while keeping the powerful functionality that we have spent years refining. This includes logo, colours, imagery & fonts.

Customers See You

Customers will only see your branding, from within the app store to any email correspondence sent. All help queries can be directed to you & us — and we will be there for you with full support solutions.

Powerful Solution

Our white-label solution comes with our powerful Customer Management Portal & Intelligent Gate Controller — we take care of it all.

Including all the exceptional features Inugo is known for


Provide your parkers with a completely contactless and windows up experience, with users payment being automatically taken from their nominated credit/debit card. Give your parkers & staff the safest access experience with Inugo.


Tickets & access cards can be costly and a constant hassle. Remove stress and increase your bank account by removing both and using Inugo.

pay by app

Removing the hassle of cash & collection, parkers pay automatically via credit/debit card details in the app. The best part? The money goes straight into your account.

parcs agnostic

All Inugo hardware is PARCS agnostic, cohabiting with existing PARCS gear via a simple interconnect for power, gate control and loop recognition.


Manage all aspects of bookings from the portal — from spaces to rates to adding ‘long term’ users.

space management

List your spaces and categorise them, no matter public, private or somewhere in between — enabling real time occupancy management.

dynamic pricing

Have different rates for parkers, staff and loyalty members? Inugo has you covered with dynamic pricing — you can differ rates by parking profile, day or time.

users & groups

Every parker has an individual login, enabling you to know your parker. Categorise parkers into groups for special rates & access.

Multi Site Management

List & manage all your sites in one place, applying groups & rates across them all.

Revenue Management

View your cashflow in real time, tracking income, fees, unpaid sessions, refunds and more.


Perfect for retail or special events, let your parkers validate their sessions — whether a percentage, dollar amount or completely free.


See every parking session in detail from entry to payment to exit, allowing for accurate reporting and analysis of your operations.

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