Matt Jones
December 29, 2023

CASE STUDY | B.Hom — Terrapin Row

Managing thousands of students in minutes ABOUT B.HOM has been providing student living across the United States for over 37 years.

CASE STUDY | B.Hom — Terrapin Row


B.HOM has been providing student living across the United States for over 37 years. They provide high quality accommodation options at 24 universities, from solo studios to large flats for multiple people. Their properties are not just a place to sleep — they are active and vibrant living-learning communities, supporting students to get the most out of their college experience.


B.HOM Terrapin Row is home to 1500 residents studying at the University of Maryland. With the changing of semester comes the changing of residents as well – and managing parking access cards for these constant changes can be a nightmare. This has traditionally been managed as a manual process, taking up costly time allocating cards one by one. Using access cards has also seen the inevitable side effect of ‘pass-back’ – where people pass their access card to a non-registered parker, allowing them access and free parking.


Terrapin Row were looking for a solution where they could manage their tenants access in a quicker and easy way, as well as increasing security and removing the pass-back problem. With Inugo, tenants use their phone for access, via the Inugo app. This connects with the Intelligent Gate Controllers via Bluetooth, opening the gate for them. This eliminates the need for swipe cards altogether, removing a large overhead cost and less hassle for administration staff. Since tenants are added to the Terrapin Row site by staff in the Customer Management Portal, only those invited can access the carpark – removing the issue of pass-back. Others cannot login to a tenants account and start a session either, as only one live parking session can be active on any user’s account. B.HOM also gained the ability to real time update users, permissions & access levels from anywhere in the world – speeding up admin process and removing manual steps. Additionally, they are also differentiating themselves from other accommodation complexes by providing an extra level of health & safety to its tenants, as Inugo enables contactless entry & exit from the parking garage – crucial in today’s environment.


By removing the need for access cards & reducing manual administration time, Inugo is helping B.HOM save $10,000 a year. Being a valued customer, they have also received early access to new Inugo features, including Remote Open – where staff can remotely open the gates from anywhere, helping tenants when their phone may be dead, or allowing vendors access. With the help of Inugo, B.HOM are ensuring an exceptionally modern, digital & safe living experience for their tenants.

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